Up your recycling game in 2022

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Living sustainably is becoming more prominent in our lives. Across the property industry, we're seeing more architects and developers deciding to responsibly source or reuse existing materials, integrate PassivHaus principles and include provisions for EV charging stations as standard. 

While a sustainably built property is an excellent investment, we can always adopt small daily changes to make a difference. Here are a few tips on improving your recycling game in 2022. 


Know the rules

Before you can begin recycling, you first need to know how to recycle properly. Make sure you know all the rules, including which materials can be put in which bin and that coffee cups (unless otherwise marked) cannot be recycled.  

Once you’re on top of how to sort all your waste and dispose of it, you can start to improve your recycling and sustainability more thoroughly. 


Dispose of e-waste correctly

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Millions of electronics are disposed of every year in Australia, including household appliances like televisions, mobile phones and computers. 

E-waste has increased by 21 per cent in the last five years. Moreover, 2030 is projected to see the amount of e-waste double that of 2014. So rather than throwing your old phone or your broken toaster in the bin, find out where to dispose of them properly.


Say no to fast fashion

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Many of us will throw out old clothes and never give them a second thought. But these clothes often end up in areas where they damage the local environment and native wildlife. 

Slow fashion is a movement that has gained significant traction over the last few years, with prominent celebrities like Emma Watson wearing designer garments made from recycled materials to events like the Met Gala. You too can up your recycling game by donating clothes to second-hand stores or even selling them online or at a market. 


Reusable drink bottles and keep cups 

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Investing in a reusable drink bottle and keep cup will help minimise the amount of daily waste you produce. Many companies like Huskee are creating these items out of recycled materials. Huskee cups are created using waste husk left over after the production of coffee. 


Buy recycled items 


Responsible companies are now making products out of recycled materials, giving what would typically be waste a longer life cycle. This is referred to as a “circular economy”, where waste is minimised and the environmental impact of a product - and its consumption - are also minimised by using recycled and sustainable resources. 

There are plenty of opportunities to improve how you recycle in your everyday life. With sustainability at the forefront of most Australians' minds, there are plenty of initiatives out there to help you get started. 

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