An Urban Gardening Wonder

9 years ago
2 minutes

According to a recent poll, gardening is now among the top five leisure activities for people aged 25‐35, outranking staples such as going to the cinema and visiting family – don’t tell mum.

The resurgence of gardening as a hobby is believed to be underpinned by rising community awareness of health and well‐being, the increasing popularity of home improvement and cooking reality shows, and the ever growing urban gardening movement extolling the virtues of home grown produce.

However, this is not the gardening of yesteryear. The ‘new’ gardening craze isn’t originating from the leafy suburbs, rather it is catching fire in our pollution filled cities where space comes at a premium.

With apartment living quickly prioritising function over grandeur, this latest gardening tool will save you both time and money. Gardening will no longer take the backseat to an urban lifestyle.

Home-made produce tastes better. Presenting flowers or arrangements, that you have monitored and grown yourself, feel better. has stumbled upon the latest urban apartment gardening tool. Meet GlowPear’s Urban Garden - a self-watering garden management system.

The Urban Garden grants even the most novice gardener the ability to produce beautiful produce and flowers impervious to the seemingly obvious hurdles that urban apartment living entails. No longer do you need to worry about if you watered the plants or not, this time your chilis may actually make it! Whether a new herb garden is needed for your summer salads, or you would just prefer to grow your own tomatoes, The Urban Garden allows that.

No gumboots or old-jeans are necessary .Your knees will not become dampened by soil or fertiliser, nor will you accidentally ruin a good white t-shirt. Simply supply the soil, the seed and the sunlight into the Urban Garden container, fill it up with water, and it will feed your hungry plants when they need it. The Urban Garden will self-water and self-manage almost all the aspects of plant-nutrition. The Urban Garden uses less water than traditional planters because of capillary action watering, minimising evaporation and watering plants as needed.

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