Vertical living and growing your own

8 years ago
2 minutes

The world’s most advanced container garden is about to become available in Australia for the first time.

The Garden Tower promises to revolutionise how we grow our own herbs, fruit and vegetables at home by transforming kitchen scraps into organic produce quickly and easily.

The award-winning US-designed and made Garden Tower is a unique soil-based urban garden system that incorporates the magic of natural vermiculture and composting all in one container.

Anyone with a balcony, deck, patio or backyard can now grow tons of fresh veggies, fruits, herbs and more. The highly functional vertical planting design makes it easy to grow an impressively bountiful harvest – up to 50 plants in just 1.3 sqm – including plenty of room for compact root vegetables such as turnips, carrots and radishes.

“Whether you live in the inner city, the suburbs or in a rural setting, the Garden Tower makes fresh, organic produce easily available to everyone” said Andrew Brisk, Managing Director of Loft Trading Company Pty Ltd, the Australian distributors of the Garden Tower.

Perfect for first time or experienced gardeners alike, the Garden Tower is incredibly accessible and easy to use. It can be assembled in under 5 minutes and, after initial set up and planting, maintenance takes only 5 minutes a day.


Simply place food scraps into the central column to enrich and naturally fertilise the soil to create the freshest, most nutritious and organic food available. Follow with worms, and regular watering and your garden is ready to go.

The Garden Tower is also great for children, the elderly and those with mobility problems. Its base features an integrated bearing track that offers one-handed 360 degree rotation for easy access to plants and sunlight whenever needed.

As the Garden Tower retains moisture and insulates the plant roots, as well as recycling almost 100% of unused, nutrient-filled water via clever collection drawer, it’s also perfect for hot and drought-ridden zones where it’s traditionally difficult to grow food.

Water savings of 90% have been reported in high heat zones and desert regions with poor or sandy soils. Making it perfect for Australia’s harsh weather conditions as well as concreted areas, balconies and rooftops across our cities.

The culmination of over four years extensive research, the Garden Tower was engineered to optimise soil-to-compost ratios to allow plant roots direct access to organic fertiliser via its patented integrated vermicompost column. Now in its second design phase, the new Garden Tower is made from 100% food-grade plastics with zero BPAs so it’s safer to use