Wall Beds Save

9 years ago
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Small apartments can cause a dilemma when it comes to space. Trying to fit in everything you want and need, while still making your apartment comfortable and elegant can difficult, unless of course you use a smart storage solution like a wall bed.

Stored away during the day, a wall bed gives you room to move, an easy way to keep rooms organised and clever storage. Still not convinced? Here are four reasons why a wall bed could be the space saver you’ve been searching for.

1. Create more space instantly

Property prices per square meter in capital cities like Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne are extremely high and by using wall beds you can reduce the amount of space needed to house your family, saving you hundreds if renting and thousands if buying.

Regular beds take up a considerable amount of space in our homes, and when you think about it, they spend more time unused than they do being used. This is where wall beds come into their own and offer a much more comfortable solution than alternatives such as airbeds.

2. Transform a room by day and night

Many people often dream about being able to have a home office, but it’s usually a case of choosing between that or a second bedroom, and the latter usually wins. But with a wall beds that’s no longer a choice you need to make. 

A room can be an office by day and a bedroom by night. Or you can create an extra sleeping space that wasn’t previously an option.

3. Smart storage solutions to keep spaces orderly

Wall beds can also be very handy if you have children, as they can be stored away during the day so the kids have more space to play in. Quick and easy to use, wall beds cause a minimum amount of fuss possible and are so easy to use that virtually anyone could fold one out, and then store it away again the next day.

4. Numerous designs to suit numerous uses

Owing to their new found popularity, wall bed systems are now available in a vast range of different colours and finishes and have many storage solutions and optional upgrades including lighting, custom bedheads, auxiliary input, seating, shelving and desk arrangements to suit every room, taste and requirements.

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Dominic Tam is a highly sought after, multi-award winning interior designer and the CEO of International Interiors ( For more than a decade, Dominic has worked closely with luxury home owners and leading apartment developers and project marketers to design high rise residential buildings, resorts and hotels, while also providing furniture packages for owners, investors and property managers.