Watch this space – avoid a TV-centric home

5 years ago
3 minutes

Even though you may spend your evenings watching your favourite shows on TV, it doesn’t mean you should let the screen dominate your living space. The black box can become an unwanted focal point if you don’t make active steps to conceal or hide it. Here are some of the ways you can do just that.

Create a gallery wall

If you reposition your TV so it sits off-centre in front of the couch, you can create another focal point. The key is to use another piece, such as a large art print, to draw the eye away from the television. Pair this statement piece with smaller frames and paintings of all different shapes and sizes to create an asymmetrical gallery wall.


Customised cabinetry

This could be your next DIY job — create customised sliding panels which will hide your TV altogether. One DIY-er has successfully created sliding panels here which look gorgeous both open and closed. Alternately, speak to an interior design service to see if they can update your cabinetry for you. 


TV as art

Samsung has come out with a new product called ‘The Frame’. When it’s on, it’s a TV and when it’s off, it looks like stunning wall art. You can choose from specially curated collections featuring over 100 artworks, or showcase your own personalised pictures. You can even customise the ‘frame’ around your TV — with a colour choice of white, beige and brown as well as varying thicknesses, just like you would if you were choosing a real frame.



Electronic Living makes customised TV-mirrors to fit over a regular smart screen flat TV. It’s made using a specialised mineral glass, called Dielectric, from Germany. This is applied over your TV’s screen. When the TV is off, it becomes an elegant mirror with a luminous reflection just like a regular mirror. When you turn it on, the TV Mirror automatically deactivates so you can watch your regular programs as normal.


Alternate TV cabinetry

If you’re on a budget, you can draw attention from your TV by paying attention to the TV unit. Opt for open shelving or a kitchen trolley which you can turn into its own statement piece. For an easy and affordable fix, you can pick up an 8-cube storage unit from Kmart, turn on its side and fill with your favourite records, artwork or knick-knacks to draw the focus away from your TV.


Digital projectors

If you really want to take the focus off your TV, why not get rid of the black box altogether! Buy a home projector instead so that when you’re not watching, there’s no TV in sight.


You can buy projectors with the sound built-in, but it’ll be poor quality as it comes from behind you, rather than in front of you. For best results, purchase a speaker system which will pair with your chosen projector. Home projectors make movie nights with friends and family feel like you’re actually at the cinema.

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