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9 years ago
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Hans Wegner is a designer renowned for his usability, and for his combination of design and functionality. Forcing himself as an influence on further and future designers, Wegner's appreciation for the art form that is furniture design and construction, has hovered him in eternity as one of furniture design's leading kings - or 'The Godfather'.

Continuing on from our first segment 'Hans Wegner Furniture - Dining Chairs', we continue exploring the works of the godfather of furniture – Hans J. Wegner, this is part two, the final part of our Wegner series.

Hans Wegner PP85 Cross Legged Table


The PP85 Cross Legged table was designed by Hans Wegner in 1955 and manufactured by PP Mobler from 1973 onwards. It is a dining table in its simplest form, yet with the right materials and subtle curves, the total components make the overall dining table very aesthetically pleasing. You can find this in the Dash Designed range in the link below. 

Hans Wegner CH008 Coffee Table


Designed in 1957, the CH008 was designed to accompany the CH25 chair as well as the CH007 Shell Chair. However from the photo above, it is designed with Wegners' core philosophies - simple yet elegant. This coffee table works in just about any apartment setting such is its versatility. 

Hans Wegner Papa Bear Arm Chair

Sought after and highly collectable, the Hans Wegner Papa Bear Arm Chair has featured in many lifestyle and design shows and magazines. This unique piece of furniture is known as the 'Papa Bear' due to its likeness to its 'great bear paws embracing you from behind'. An original can fetch for over $15,000.  


Patrick Doan is the Managing Director of Dash Designed. Dash Designed are apartment furniture specialists and have over 25 years of furniture experience in the family. Their niche market is targeted to apartments and apartment buyers.