WeLive – designing the revolution in apartment sharing

7 years ago
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Revolutionary start-up WeLive is offering young people a taste of apartment living by creating affordable residential communities that facilitate social fluidity and personal comfort through high-quality interior design. With apartment prices on the rise, this presents an opportunity for people to save up for real estate investment, while living in cool apartments in desirable metropolitan areas, until they are ready to buy.

The WeLive venture piggybacks off the success of WeWork, the billion-dollar company transforming the global start-up scene by leasing superbly well-equipped co-working office space. (In fact, they have just opened up two WeWork spaces in Melbourne’s CBD on Bourke and Collins.)


WeWork founders Miguel McKelvey and Adam Neumann launched WeLive last year, extrapolating the WeWork model to redefine the concept of cohabitation. The benefits of renting living space through WeLive begin with the actual renting process itself. WeLive have cleverly eradicated all woes commonly associated therewith including credit checks, agent fees and unbreakable 12-month contracts.

Residents simply rent their space with month-to-month flexibility starting at $1,900/month for a bedroom – did we mention that’s on Wall Street in the heart of Manhattan? And if you’re a total commitment-phobe, you can even rent on a day-to-day basis.


Financials are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to WeLive benefits. When it’s time to move into your WeLive apartment, there’s no need to lift a finger – everything you need (and more) is already there. From beds and sofas to spoons and wifi, WeLive have taken care of it - and they’ve done a pretty good job of it, too.

At the heart of WeLive’s values lies an unwavering appreciation of beautiful design and comfortable living – and that’s exactly what the apartments exude. From the bedrooms to the communal areas and even down to the laundry room, the ‘WeWork feeling’ is certainly conveyed. Rich timber palettes, kitsch artwork and daring design merge in a way which, ironically, just works. You may find yourself relaxing on a state-of-the-art sofa, propped up by a psychedelic cushion, staring at a geometrically questionable fruit bowl – it’s all part of the WeLive experience.

article-imageThe architectural process gave consideration to the issue of density, leading to slightly smaller bedrooms. However, this is compensated for with elaborate communal areas and digital connectivity that means streaming Game of Thrones on your iPad in bed is a definite option for transcending your four walls.

Apartment sharing is nothing new – most people will have shared living space at university or upon moving to a new city. But WeLive’s social mantra has lead to their apartments being superlative in terms of facilitating social connectivity with features such as an in-house games room, cinema and even a yoga studio. And to settle any housekeeping disputes that have a tendency to plague housemate friendships, the WeLive apartments come with a cleaner. It is the culmination of all of these elements that enhance the quality of living to a level usually reserved for the higher echelons of society.


WeLive describe their offering as a “new way of living built upon community, flexibility, and a fundamental belief that we are only as good as the people we surround ourselves with.” So, can WeLive successfully provide young people who are waiting to invest with a short-term solution that doesn't sacrifice on lifestyle? Well, so far all of their apartment units are filled and the waiting list is growing.

Images source: welive.com