What Crockery & Cutlery?

8 years ago
2 minutes

If you’re hosting Christmas for 2015, it is time to start thinking about setting up your table, deciding on the decor and what kind of crockery and cutlery you will use. 

Your table setting is important, particularly for an event like christmas lunch or even a fancy dinner party.

You want to make a silent first impression to your diners, simply with the touch of crockery and cutlery.

A good table setting will only make your home shine even more when guests walk in. 

Ask yourself: what kind of table setting do I want to create? Basic, informal, formal, colourful, rustic, romantic, casual, tropical, chic or all white one?

This christmas try and be creative by making some mini stocking holders for your silverware - not only will it look fabulous but it also gives the kids a job to do to help you out in the antics of christmas organisation and preparation. 

Crockery and cutlery can make or break the look of your table. Besides being functional, crockery and cutlery needs to be stylish, colourful, trendy, simple, but mostly it must reflect your taste and the theme of the event you're hosting. 

Don’t be afraid to mix the patterns up, add some stripes, florals, bold colours, geometric patterns, spots, natural elements, or some decorating ribbon.

Whether its copper cutlery that adds the perfect accent to your rustic modern look or gold plated flatware or maple wood cutlery, whatever the look you're going for, be sure the crockery and cutlery acts as the stand out on the table! 

Don’t forget all the elements- napkins, glasses, place mats, name cards, menu cards, centrepieces, tablecloths, candles, flowers…but of course what will stand out is of course your well planned cutlery.