What Fridge Do I Buy?

8 years ago
2 minutes

It is one of the essentials, one of the more expensive and also one of the most varied choices you have when putting things into your apartment.

Fridges. They come in all shapes, sizes and designs and you’re considered lucky if your current fridge fits in your new home. So which fridge do you buy, and what fridges do you stay away from?

Small Kitchens

If you have a tiny kitchen, that doesn’t have any obvious fridge space, maybe it is time to consider a new innovation.

The refrigerator drawers are an easy, affordable and highly compatible alternative to the giant, power sucking fridge. If you live alone, are a couple, or a more reliant on takeaway, then these fridges may save you a heck of a lot of time and space. 

Family, family, family

If you’re dominated by the lives of others, specifically little children, then it is best for you to choose almost any fridge that can hold a lot of food, but is also stainless steel free! 

Stainless steel, whilst looking good when it is clean, will pick up almost any finger mark laid on it. We are sure you have far more important things to do, than to clean your fridge ten times a day on school holidays.

You may say, I'm a freezer.

If you have space, and you are eating and freezing a lot of food, or, like so many, you are addicted to Dish’d, then maybe it is time to invest in a side-by-side fridge. Just think, instead of squishing and squeezing your to-be-frozen goods into that tiny freezer, you will now have a fridge-sized freezer at your disposal that can fit a whole lot of Dish’d.

Whilst these can be expensive, they will certainly save you money in space. Instead of chucking left overs out due to a lack of space, or culling that lasagna you made 2 days ago, the side-by-side will allow it all, and more.

Bring out your quirk

Are you a bit quirky? Is your apartment filled with colour and fun? Then maybe you should be going for a more customisable fridge…

The old-school SMEG fridges are cool - full stop. They come in a variety of different colours, will seemingly last you four life-times and are provide a huge step away from the cookie-cutter kitchens  you see in almost every magazine. Hopefully this fridge fits your funky decor.