What is rightsizing?

1 year ago
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‘Rightsizing’ is the process of moving to a new home where you can fully utilise the space you have, often to a home smaller than the previous. All in all, it is making a move that looks and feels right for you.

The term is not to be confused with downsizing.

Downsizing refers to moving from a larger home to one with a smaller square footage. This is typically due to a change in circumstances.

A young family rightsizing to a better-fitting home. Image source.

Rightsizing, on the other hand, is different.

It is often done at retirement or when children have moved out of a home, leaving their parents with a four-bedroom house and excess space they just don’t need anymore. So, they rightsize.

Rightsizing comes with the understanding of how you live in your home and choosing to live in a property that suits your current needs. Not to mention, decluttering your life and minimising stress levels.

Stylish and spacious apartment living. Image source.

One way to do so is apartment-living. Many apartments on the market offer spacious floor plans that allow you to live a life of perfect comfort. Also consider the luxurious amenities that come with these modern residences - glittering swimming pools, gymnasiums, indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, and more.

Apartment buildings are also often located on sites that houses cannot attain - moving you into the heart of a bustling metropolis or the shores of a picturesque beach. 

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