What Rug For Your Living?

8 years ago
2 minutes

The essentials for moving into a new home are obvious - bed, couch, refrigerator and a television - for most, they are the four essentials. However, you’ve just bought a brand spanking new apartment, so you’re a little more evolved than just having the essentials…

We need to weigh functionality up against aesthetic, with the goal to choose items that provide both - and each room is totally different.

The living room is, commonly, the most used room in a home. It is the place to sit/lie/die on the couch and binge watch your latest television series with an abundance of pillows and throw rugs. 

Your couch is in, your television has been unboxed, and you’re standing, hands on hips, looking at the room unsure as to what is needed next. You decide to give your eyes a rest, you test out the couch, you test out the television. The image quality is great, the couch comfy - but you begin to notice an annoying sound that makes watching television frustrating - an echo.

Don’t worry, this isn’t a fault of the television, this isn’t a fault of the apartment- you don’t need to go out and buy the latest state of the art surround sound system (you can if you want) - all you need is a rug.

What you want here is a rug that keeps your feet warm, is easy to clean and maintain, and absorbs the sound and removes echo. 

Here are a range of rugs that may suit your need.

A flatweave rug:
The flatweave technique is, as the name suggests, a thinner and flatter style. Instead of being knotted, it is woven, providing a highly versatile floor additive that is very commonly used in apartments that have bare floors (concrete or boarded). They are much easier to clean and manoeuvrable, but they are less insulating. 

A centrepiece rug:
These rugs are sitting somewhere in the middle - they are thicker than the flatweave, yet lighter and more durable than the textured rug. They will absorb the sound, insulate and are slightly easier to clean than the textured rugs - however if you need to move it for cleaning or redecorating, they aren’t light like the flatweave.

A textured rug:
A knotted rug, these rugs are comfy on your feet, warm, and are layered. They provide something nice to wiggle your toes in, but are, because of their textured nature, are harder to clean - oh and they also weigh a tonne. 

Or get creative and use other sources as your rug, such as cow hide - check out Leatherco for some of Australia's best cow hide rugs and furniture.