What Should I Stream?

8 years ago
2 minutes

With so many streaming services available, which one is appropriate for you?

Here we break-down the options available in Australia, and find out what it is that really separates them.



The ultimate streamer, Netflix started it all. Released in Australia only in March this year, Netflix boasts the power to bring in some of the best entertainment of our generation. From The Godfather to The Office (the UK version, duh!) to exclusive Netflix original series such as House of Cards and Better Call Saul (if you’re tricky). Netflix is arguably the most adaptable, the most user-friendly, and with over 1100 titles, the fastest growing. 

Netflix is available in all parts of globe, each with different titles and more content. If only we could pretend we were in other countries…

All billed monthly, Netflix will cost you around $11 a month. And for those who don’t like watching a small laptop screen, you can easily use Netflix with your Smart TV or with a device such as Apple TV or ChromeCast.

If you’re still unsure, Netflix has a 30-day free trial for any new users.

Try Netflix here.



Presto is a (relatively) new streaming service owned and run by Australia’s cable service, Foxtel. 

With nearly 3000 titles, with a lot of Australian content, this service is ideal for those who are more inclined to watch local productions, as Presto has the rights to Foxtel ‘Originals’ Wentworth, Cloudstreet, Love My Way, Tangle and Devil’s Playground.

Unlike Netflix, there is the option to purchase more up-to-date titles directly to your account - keeping the ‘hiring a dvd’ concept to streaming.

Whilst Presto works on Chromecast, it does not seemingly work on Apple TV or Smart TVs yet, but it does set its price point at a cheaper $9.99. Much like the others, Presto offers a 30-day trial to new users.

Start your free trial here.



Stan sits itself at $10 per month, making it competitive against the other platforms. Unlike Presto, and more like Netflix, Stan is available on Apple TV’s and Smart TVs, giving it the flexibility to cater to those without a computer. 

Interestingly, Stan possesses the rights to shows such as Dig, Transparent, Community, and the whole James Bond library (many purchase Stan, just for this).

Unlike other services, Stan gives the user the option to choose the quality, meaning there is less pressure on your bandwidth - this is definitely a more appropriate option for those living in Australia with a substandard internet connection.

A free 30-day trial is available to all those new to Stan.