What's The Deal With Low Coffee Tables?

8 years ago
2 minutes

Like anything in design, interior trends go up and down, in and out.

Low coffee tables were prominent years ago, and we are now seeing them come in with double the intensity - it is safe to say that they have made a comeback.

These styles of coffee tables come in a variety of textures and concepts, and are generally classifiable by appropriation  - what is the purpose, casual or formal?

Buyers beware, low coffee tables are not truly compatible with those who choose to sit down and eat at their coffee table. All that this will achieve is a sore back and a stained floor.

The ultimate companion for low coffee tables are hanging lights. Creating an intimacy often unmatched by down lights - a low hanging light will act more like a lamp.

A low coffee table can be simply designed with a thin top placed on top of some legs, or it can be a flattened tree base, or a complete rectangular box. 

You may want one if you’re looking for a coffee table that you can throw your feet on to, or if your current sofa or chairs are lower than usual - it’s usually easier to change coffee table than change chairs and lounges.

Low coffee tables hold less storage, and are clearly more towards those who care about looks rather than usability. 

The Panca Modern coffee table available from Space Furniture is about as low as you can go.


Ikea’s Tofteryd is another low coffee table that also incorporates a storage component.


Cocorepublic’s Globetrotter coffee table is low, has adequate storage, and is something a little different.