Who Will Win The Block?

9 years ago
3 minutes

The apartments from the reality television series 'The Block Triple Threat' went under the hammer last night, and unless you attended the auctions, the finale is due to air tonight, revealing the auction sale prices, the hidden reserves, and ultimately the winner.

For those unaware of the show's proceedings, teams of two (usually couples) renovate apartments room by room (eventually renovating a whole apartment), and are then given a reserve. Ultimately, the apartments go to auction with a auctioneer and real estate agent of their choice, and the winner is decided by the largest figure over the reserve. 

Before the season began, there was a $2.50 market value that one or more apartments wouldn't sell, whilst offering $1.40 for all apartments to sell - the bookies have been cautious from the start.

So here is the field:

The bookies have suspended betting, however, here is our (rough and completely unofficial) form guide with our estimated odds.

It is a four-horse race with a favourite, a rival, a dark-horse and back-of-the-pack sprinter.

The Favourite: Tim and Anastasia
They are the favourites, and are certainly not the most loved, but their apartment, 2/37 Darling St, is very impressive, with analysts stating that their tech-savvy apartment could give them the lead.
Their apartment is slightly larger than the other three apartments, and having a second living room makes it all the more appealing. We know, we know, the total sale price doesn't matter, its the price above reserve, but with such a large apartment, with integrated technological additions, we are setting Tim & Anastasia at a solid $2.05 market odds. They are the favourites.

The Rival: Josh and Charlotte
Located at 1/27 Darling St, this apartment has attracted a lot of attention, and was very busy at auction-day inspection times. With a conscious effort to make this apartment light and bright, as well as integrated smart-technology with automated appliances, Josh and Charlotte's apartment is tempting. At the end of the day, we feel that this could reach a high price, but what is there reserve? We're setting Josh and Charlotte at $2.55.

The Dark Horse: Daz and Dee
The much loved, and highly revered, power couple of Daz and Dee recently jumped into contention with their perfect score for their outdoor courtyard (they were given a 30/30). At 4/27 Darling St, the ex Melbourne Demon and Sydney Swan star and his wife have been hard at work. Daz (Darren) Jolly only recently recovered from a serious brain operation, but it was not stopping him from entering this season of The Block. ApartmentDevelopments is tipping these two to win The Block Triple Threat - and since we're labelling them as the dark horse, we have given them a respectable $2.80. Let's go Daz and Dee!

The Sprinter From The Back: Jess and Ayden
This is one apartment that might sneak up behind everyone. Jess and Ayden's apartment at 3/27 Darling St has a huge emphasis on couple living, with a huge kitchen and an interesting dining room. With their exposed staircase, beautiful fireplaces, and large oak floorboards - the floor in the master bedroom is even heated! This is an apartment for entertaining, and with a lot of the doors being bi-folded, this apartment can operate traditionally or as an open-plan living/kitchen area. For that, we are setting Jess and Ayden at $3.10, and whilst they aren't at the front, that is some seriously good value!

Will ApartmentDevelopments' predictions come true? Are our odds in any way close? Who do you think will win? We will find out tonight!