Whose Is...Taller?

9 years ago
1 minutes

A new super-tower is due to be built in Gold Coast’s Southport - a build that should triumph over the Q1, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere.

To be developed by Cienna Group, a NSW-based company with two of its directors based in Singapore, will build a tower that tops 88 storeys, 10-storeys higher than Q1. 

Situated between, Young, Nerang and Garden streets, the tower, placed in the middle of Southport’s Chinatown, is on a site measured around 4300sqm, giving it room, and a permit, to include a mix of retail and commercial space to accompany the residential capabilities of the tower itself.

Project manager, Gavin Baxter GMP Management, is excited about the production, with the development progressing well through the application meetings.

“Cienna has been specifically designed to activate Chinatown with pedestrian connectivity and provide vibrant active street and laneway experiences,” said Baxter.

“We believe Cienna will reinforce and build on Chinatown, and contribute to the transformation of the Southport CBD.

“The development has recently been lodged with the council and GMP Management look forward to working with Council through the approval stage.”

The development site itself is almost perfectly situated in the Southport Priority Development Area (PDA) giving it an almost certain possibility to be approved for construction. 

The news comes in light of Australia 108, located in Melbourne, to which it asserted it would be the tallest building in Australia (roof height) with over 100 storeys. At 317 metres tall, Australia 108, pending the approval and successful construction of the Southport Towers, will be the third tallest building in Australia.