Why is the colour green on the increase in interior design?

4 years ago
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The benefits of bringing more plant life into your home are well documented, but now the colour green is starting to be incorporated into interior design again.

It’s been used prominently before, notably in the 90’s where green was used as a comfort tone. But now cooler, earthy shades of the colour are fast replacing grey and beige as the new neutral, as interest in health and wellbeing within the living space increases.

The indoor plant movement continues to gain momentum and tones like a soft sage complement this new-found greenery in the home. It’s the perfect hue to draw the outdoors in, as it mimics nature and brings to mind the countryside, fresh air, and healthy vibes. 

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The colour works well in both casual or formal living areas, and even in unexpected spots, such as shelving or inside a cabinet or bookshelf. 

Living rooms can be painted in the shade and it won’t look overpowering at all. Something as small as green cushions or throws can also emanate a feeling of health and wellness. 

In the bedroom, it creates a calming feel. Again, painting a wall behind the headboard or some well-placed pillows will produce the desired effect. 

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Incidentally, paint or pillows is not the only way to bring green into a room. You can also introduce it through furniture — think sage green cabinet or chair or sofa, or a medley of ceramics or bed sheets.

On a psychological level, the colour green is often used in certain areas to create a restorative and soothing atmosphere. However, there are certain hard and fast rules that are to be considered while choosing the shade in interior spaces.

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A lighter, sage-like tone creates a calming, protective atmosphere when used on ceilings, walls and floors. But be careful, as a darker hue may produce a more disturbing look, causing feelings of irritation and anger.

So create your botanical oasis, introduce more green into your life, but be sure to use softer tones to complement your new surroundings and feel calmer and healthier in your home.

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Hero image: Bayview Woolooware Bay