Why you should choose an online interior design service

4 years ago
2 minutes

Having a beautiful home is one of the great pleasures of life. But it can take hard work and time to style your interiors on your own, and it can be costly to hire a professional design firm. The solution? Hire an online interior design service. Here’s why this could work for you.


Whenever the time suits you, you can jump online and begin the process whereas many other design professionals require meetings and home evaluations which can stretch out the process. When you use an online service, your interior designer is in the palm of your hand.


What started as a boutique industry is now gaining traction, and with more and more services on offer, companies need to keep their prices competitive. DesignBX offers easy design solutions for only $199 per room and their packages include a design concept, floorplan, shopping list, set-up guide, and personal shopper.


Image: DesignBX home transformation


Imagine you’ve begun your design process with a set budget but you find a gorgeous piece of art that absolutely belongs in your dining space — the only problem is, it’ll edge you over your financial limit. Online interior design services offer flexible payment options, like Afterpay, ZipPay, and Oxypay.

More designers to choose from

Interior designers sign up to online design services so they can work collaboratively with clients. This means you have a greater selection of designers to choose from, all from the one portal! And you’re not locked in with one designer. If you want to seek a second opinion, you can easily request another professional from the site.


Image: Amy Collins Walker, Gold Designer at Mitray

Fewer mistakes

Milray Park has a virtual showroom where you can visually place items together to see what they’ll look like in a room. You’ll be able to see if a four-seater L-shaped couch will fit in your living room and ensure the bedhead you’ve chosen is lower than your window sill in your bedroom.

Ongoing support

When a design team finishes styling your home, that’s often the last leg of the journey. But what if you have questions afterwards? Great online design services offer free design support — up to 60 days in some cases — after your styling process has finished.