Why you should consider moving into an apartment.

3 years ago
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When deciding on your next - or first - property, one of the major factors is deciding between a traditional house or an apartment. Now while we’re very much in the apartment camp, we do have our reasons. Think about these factors when deciding whether an apartment is the right property choice for you. 


Most apartment developments are located within close proximity to a range of urban amenities. While traditionally, apartments are very much at home in cities and other highly urbanised areas, apartments are also being developed within established suburbs. Rather than purchasing a traditional house in a location that is far away from friends, family and all the conveniences you’re used to - sometimes with amenities that are scheduled to arrive years after you move in - apartment living offers a greater sense of urban connectivity and closer proximity to the daily necessities including public transport, shops, restaurants, cafes and work. 

Imagine running errands and not having to take your car because either everything is within walking distance or because of a well-connected public transport network close to home. Proximity also allows you to truly immerse yourself in the vibrancy of a dynamic lifestyle - staying out late doesn’t have many drawbacks when you consider your home is only a few minutes away. 

Proximity, Rouse Hill, New South Wales

Financial sense and low maintenance

Apartment living is generally cheaper than a traditional house and comes with bonus inclusions - amenities with little to no maintenance. Imagine having access to a swimming pool - maybe even a rooftop swimming pool - without having to worry about all the maintenance that comes with it. If you have a special occasion coming up, many apartment developments offer bookable kitchens and dining areas perfect for hosting large parties. Being in the same building also means these areas serve as an extension to your home.

Many apartment residents also have access to on-site gyms, spas and yoga studios - encouraging a healthier lifestyle from your doorstep. All without membership fees. 

Monument, Armadale, Victoria

Close community

A vibrant neighbourhood community doesn't have to be horizontal to be successful. Vertical communities are just as communal - if not more - than traditional suburban streets. As soon as you move into an apartment, you will be presented with plenty of opportunities to meet neighbours and have chance encounters through shared elevators, walkways, communal gardens and shared spaces. 

The stress of security is also alleviated with apartment living. Your next holiday or short trip won’t involve stressing about the security of your home while you’re away knowing these developments generally have a dedicated concierge service and several security measures in place for added peace of mind. 

Walmer, Richmond, Victoria

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