Will a townhouse make a good family house?

1 year ago
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Many couples and growing families make the mistake of believing that a townhouse will not be big enough or have enough room for them to live comfortably as a family, so they leave townhouses out of their equation. However, being between apartments and single-family homes in size, the size and design of townhouses can make the best housing option for a growing family.

Let’s break down the advantages of living in a townhouse for a growing family.


More affordable housing

Kitchen and dining room within a town house. Image source. 

Townhouses are an affordable housing option, particularly for couples and growing families. A townhouse may be exactly what you are looking for if you want a decent-sized plot in a nice area but don't want to pay for the land and the construction of a stand-alone home or the cost of single-family house expenses.


Location & Amenities

While townhouses are typically found in urban areas, many of them are constructed in lively, young neighbourhoods that are close to public transportation, parks, stores, and schools. Townhouses are often also a great solution for family houses as they offer something of a balance between the space of a single-family house and the amenities of an apartment such as gym, swimming pool, and other sports facilities.


Close-knit community

A series of townhouses. Image source. 

Living in a townhouse gives you a sense of community and togetherness, allowing you and your children to socialise and make friends with the neighbours. Although you are not up to making friends, knowing that you have a neighbour close can providea sense of relief and comfort.



Whilst safety is always important, it becomes even more important if you have children. The other advantage of living in a townhouse is that townhouses provide you with more safety and security. Townhouses are equipped with security system to give you a greater peace of mind.

If you're looking for a small but attractive home for your growing family, consider a townhouse. Townhouses are found in most suburbs and are becoming increasingly popular. They are especially well suited to younger people as well as growing families who like vibrant, urban surroundings and don't want the maintenance or expense of a large property.


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