Winter Interior Trends 2015

8 years ago
2 minutes

Winter - ah, the months where you can cuddle up on the couch, with your blankets and pillows, enjoying a cup of tea whilst watching Netflix...

For your interiors, it is important to make your home feel as warm and welcoming as possible, as you walk in from the cold.

Accolade Design's Kim Wiedermann, ApartmentDevelopments's favourite interior designer, has outlined her top five trends this (freezing cold) winter.


The colder months allow the introduction of warm and cosy fabrics. Bring in soft furs like icelandic sheep skins, large chunky woolen knits, shag pile rugs, as well as felts, velvets and suede. The softer the better and all the more reason to rug up and stay indoors.



Dress the room with layers upon layers. Drape a number of throws over your bed and sofa. Add extra cushions to your chairs and even floor cushions to the living area. You can also introduce additional rugs to cover your floors in warmer textures.



As the sun sets earlier, brighten your room with the addition of lamps and candles. Play on levels and heights with a large cluster of candles in different sizes. Lamps with soft fabric or paper shades with warm coloured globes will soften the coldest of spaces with the flick of a switch.



Winter evokes the need to be surrounded by warm and cosy colours. Bring the outside in with green, blue and earthy tones, as well as dark and wamr timbers. If you cant paint a wall, swap your brightly coloured paintings and prints with moody and serene artworks. Better still introduce knitted macrame weaves or smaller sized rugs to your walls.



If you're fortunate enough to have your own outdoor space, it's worth investing in some additional cushions and throws for the furniture. And with an array of small outdoor heaters on the market you can ensure that your outdoor space can still be put to good use throughout the colder months.