Your guide to multi-functional furniture

4 years ago
3 minutes

Does your apartment feel a little small for your liking? Furniture can take up a lot of precious space, so it’s important to make sure each and every item has a function — or dual functions so you can declutter and streamline your home. Here are a few of our favourite multi-functional furniture items.

Living room

If you don’t have a spare room, or your spare room is used as a study, what do you do when you have friends or family staying overnight? Forget giving up your bed and sleeping on the couch — buy a sofa day bed instead. This sofa day bed from Temple & Webster not only looks majestic in any lounge room but it also transforms into two beds. Just take the cushions off the sofa seat, pull out the bottom trundle and you’ve got plenty of space for guests.


If you don’t have enough room for a dining area, you can further streamline your space by investing in this adjustable coffee table. It turns into a dining table which can you can expand to accommodate up to 8 guests.

Study nook

When you don’t have a spare room, it can be hard to find the space to create a study nook. And if you do find the space, it can look cluttered unless you have the right kind of furniture. 


The Cupertino wall desk is the perfect solution — it even comes complete with an in-built sound system. Mount it on the wall, and when the tabletop is up it looks like a decorative display for the sound system and when you pull it down it operates as a desk with storage compartments for your paperwork and books.


Don’t have enough benchtop space in your kitchen? A kitchen bar trolley like this one is great because not only does it act as additional working space when prepping food, you can also store kitchen items in the drawer, cupboard, and shelves and use it as a cocktail table when hosting parties.


For a less mobile option but with as many functions, you can buy this kitchen unit. Place it at the end of the bench or next to fridge and this innovative furniture item can transform from unassuming shelves to a work station or dining table. 


Sure, most cosmetic items are stored in the bathroom but there are a few that most people like to keep in the bedroom for easy access, like skin lotions or hair and beard balms best applied before bed. This mirror is the perfect solution for those who have no place for these items. The luxe-looking oval glass comes with its own half circle shelf — making the perfect mini bedroom vanity.


If you don’t have enough space for all your things, spend a little more and invest in a new bed frame with in-built storage. We love the Parker Storage Platform bed — it comes with four drawers so you have plenty of space for all your things without taking up precious room.

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