Barry Street brings thoughtful townhouses to Brunswick

Market Insights
7 years ago
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Milieu Property always takes a community-minded approach to its residential projects, and Barry Street is about to do the same in Brunswick.
A boutique collection of 21 individual townhouses, Barry Street is the third collaboration between Milieu and innovative Fieldwork Architects. Local architect, Quino Holland is leading the design with a responsible approach to the neighbourhood. 
The result is a series of two, three and four bedroom homes that are as personal and individual as Brunswick itself. In fact, buyers will be able to adapt the internal floorplans to suit their own needs.
As with all of Milieu’s projects, Barry Street embraces and absorbs the local architecture and uses it to speak back to the neighbourhood through its architecture. Honey-coloured brickwork, warm timbers and steel framed windows all connect these homes to the formerly industrial nature of the streets with true authenticity.
Says Michael McCormack, Director of Milieu Property, “Milieu by definition means the environment or context in which one lives and is influenced by, and we named our business after that idea. It’s an approach that we apply to all our projects that has resonated strongly with our target audience.”
These are individual townhouses each with their own private entrance. And from the front door to the rooftop, each is built around a deliberately conscientious aesthetic. For example, these homes will be 7-star energy rated via the use of thermal materials, energy saving lighting and water harvesting. Construction materials also include Melbourne’s first use of Cross Laminated Timber, which is responsibly sourced and results in a faster and quieter build with 25% less weight than concrete.
Interiors are warm and inviting, with more of the same attention to detail through materials selection. There’s plenty of timber, light colour schemes and a simplicity of design that belies the smart thinking put into every space. Kitchens are elegantly functional, bedrooms and bathrooms are calming and tranquil. Combining this modernity in design with such classic materials is something a contemporary house needs in order to feel like a home.
Each townhouse has its own private outdoor entertaining spaces including a rooftop deck and a winter garden that can be closed to adapt to the elements. Some bedrooms also open up onto private courtyards, further connecting the homes with nature. In addition, there’s a communal garden to connect neighbours, landscaped and planted by leading landscape architects, Mala. 
Milieu has a knack for finding quiet spots nestled in secluded streets. Yet Barry Street is just a short walk to the cool cafes of Union Street and the vibrant social hub that is Sydney Road. Buzzing with a diverse crop of fresh middle eastern produce to some of the best Vietnamese restaurants in Melbourne, Sydney Road wears its multicultural history on its sleeve.
Not surprisingly, Barry Street has proven popular with all two bedroom homes sold. But with prices for the three bedroom homes starting from $998,500, construction is expected to begin in April 2017 with completion due in 14-16 months. 
For further information, contact Patrick Cooney (03) 9699 5000 or visit To enquire about Barry Street Apartments, click here.