Be enthralled by Ascui & Co.’s signature curved facade at Contour.

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3 years ago
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Perfectly at home within one of Malvern’s leafy streets, just a short walk from Central Park and the thriving Glenferrie Road, is the famed Ascui & Co.’s Contour. An embodiment of its picturesque address, Contour offers its residents a rich lifestyle inside and out. 

“We believe in recognising a possibility that is invisible to others; in finding ways to create beauty through innovation, practical design. We are often inspired by the curve motif - a design language we use with precision. This is exemplified by Contour’s rounded edges and the sinuous wave-like elements tracing the periphery of the building, reminiscent of nature’s organic forms.” 

Gonzalo Ascui, Ascui & Co. Architects


At first impression, the facade follows the natural path of the land with its soft rounded edges with distinctive curves wrapping around the building. A series of contours and curves sweep from one aspect to the other in flowing gestures, giving definition to the balconies, slabs and large glazed windows - offering both a memorable vista and privacy to each home. The expansive terraces and balconies foster a seamless flow between indoor and outdoor living while presenting a wonderful perch to take in the panoramic views. 

Simple materiality of white concrete and deep grey metal provides the perfect counterpoint to the verdant garden setting. At Contour, greenery mingles with the unique facade - the verdant landscaping by MEMLA Landscape Architects beautifully complementing the fluid lines of the building’s exterior. In true harmony with the surroundings, Ascui & Co. drew inspiration from the native flora to reference both the natural beauty of Malvern and the existing liquidambar tree on site. Even at only the first glance, the structure conveys a refined elegance with a luxurious colour palette. 

“There is an elegant softness to the building - we’ve avoided rigidity and sharp lines. The building curves around the corner site, following the natural path of the land.” 

Gonzalo Ascui, Ascui & Co. Architects


Offering a tranquil and intimate side street access from Lysterville Avenue, Contour residents will find themselves in an arrival experience like no other. Recognising the importance of first impressions, Ascui & Co. present a curated and inviting apartment entrance defined by a robust stone plinth, backlit for striking effect. Walking into the luxurious homes, it’s immediately obvious that the interior spaces are an extension of the impressive facade. Featuring walls of glazing, there is a sense of open grandeur to the apartments. Each space has been generously appointed and boasts a range of high-end finishes. Layered tactile materials make each otherwise ordinary room truly extraordinary. Throughout each space, principles of practicality harmonise with beauty, creating a living environment that is as much luxurious as it is functional. 

A rare vision, Contour has been brought to life by a highly regarded and widely sought-after boutique team of experts. Combining the visionary architecture of Ascui & Co., the meticulous landscaping of MEMLA and Marshall White Project’s refined and extensive property experience, a collaboration like this one - paired with such an exclusive address - is simply unparalleled. Three bedroom residences at Contour are priced from $1,625,000 - for more information click here.