Beginning your property journey - Lenia Kopras speaks about being a first home buyer at Ovation.

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3 years ago
3 minutes

Buying your first home is a milestone - saving for a deposit, navigating the property market, inspecting multiple properties, until finally finding your perfect home can be a truly exciting experience. We recently spoke to a first home buyer, Lenia Kopras, about her experience entering the property market. 

Lenia is Production Assistant for Seed Heritage and has recently secured one of the immaculately appointed apartments at Ovation, Footscray. She explains the process when she first began her property journey, “overall, my experience has been extremely seamless. I was looking for a property for around three months - it was a lot to take in when I first began looking but with the right guidance and support, I ended up being pleasantly surprised. I’ve found Toni Walker of Eton Property Group to be very helpful and knowledgeable, as she always had my best interest at hand.”

When asked about her experience buying an off-the-plan apartment, Lenia noted it was “pretty straightforward” and now recommends the process to her family and friends. “If you are not in a rush to settle in a new place and are dreaming about living in a brand new property, then buying off-the-plan is definitely ideal,” she explains. 


“Surprisingly, Ovation was one of the first projects I looked at when I began my first home buyer journey. I inspected eight other developments until I came back to Ovation.” Lenia continues, “for any first home buyer, the beginning process can be daunting. I actually didn’t think owning my own place was ever possible in the expensive world we live in these days but exploring options, speaking to people and figuring out what the property industry means beyond just buying your own first place was really important and helped put things in a more realistic perspective.”

With so many factors to consider when buying your first home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. We asked Lenia how she approached it; “prioritise what’s important to you and follow a plan” was her advice. She elaborates, “location was number one for me. Being in Footscray, you can’t beat the distance into the city, beach, family and shops. Also, Footscray has come a long way in the last five years and is about to boom even more. All the unique bars and cafes in the area that will soon be within walking distance from me is super exciting.” 

“Ovation was also within my price range. Together with the extra benefits and offers received during the COVID period, this was an opportunity I could not pass up.”

Lenia Kopras



WIth her new home secured at Ovation, Lenia is now excited to add her own touches to the apartment. “I love how the Ovation apartment doesn’t look like any other apartment block. The design by KUD has been carefully thought out and has definitely portrayed a very unique, contemporary and urban living design - from the outside of the complex all the way through to each common area. As for my new Ovation apartment, I’ve already begun gathering my ideas for styling it. I cannot wait to decorate and bring out my personality in the space with my furniture and decor choices.”

“With Ovation being off-the-plan, I have the next year and a half to fully design and source all the things for my apartment so when it’s built, I’ll be ready to move in without any rush,” Lenia continues. As for the amenities available at Ovation, Lenia comments excitedly, “Oh and the pool! I’ll be living in the Level One amenities every summer!”

Ovation Footscray offers the ideal opportunity for first home buyers and investors alike, for more information click here.