Breese Street awarded 7.5 star energy rating by NatHERS

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5 years ago
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As we become increasingly aware of the impact we have on our environment, we are seeing changes in the way products are being created and sold. We’re all familiar with reusable coffee cups, and the impact fossil-fuel has on the world. With the increased focus on being more ‘green’, we have seen a gap in the market for sustainable apartment developments.


Developers are striving to produce properties that achieve a high rating with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS). Created to address the average Australian household energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, NatHERS has become associated with sustainable ideals. If a property has a high rating, we can be sure it has passed a multitude of qualified tests and is the real deal.

On a scale of 1-10 stars, NatHERS rates the thermal performance of a home by measuring the building’s heating and cooling energy use. To achieve a high rating, developers look at design construction and choice of internal materials.


It’s every sustainable building developer’s aim to achieve a high NatHERS rating. But, to do so, the project team must look at design choices such as building orientation, insulation, glazing type and shading devices — all to reduce dependence on artificial heating and cooling.

A number of developments have released to market in recent years boasting 6-star ratings and rooftop solar panels, but few have been able to successfully combine beautiful interiors with sustainable design choices.

Breese Street by Milieu has been awarded a 7.5-star NatHERS rating and showcases a range of environmentally friendly fittings and fixtures, as well as smart architectural design. DKO and Breathe Architecture, two innovative firms, have been enlisted to carry out Milieu’s vision of Breese Street.


Each Breese Street apartment features recycled materials and energy efficient appliances. Reclaimed hardwood floorboards and low VOC (volatile organic compound) materials dramatically lower the building’s carbon footprint.

To reduce the need for heating and cooling, all residences feature double glazed windows and concrete structures which create additional insulation, ensuring each apartment will maintain a steady temperature all year round — between 18°C and 27°C. On top of hydronic heating panels, residents will benefit from ceiling fans, and weather-sealed doors and windows, eliminating the need for air conditioning.


30kw of solar panels lower strata and account costs for all homeowners while effectively reducing traditional energy use and rainwater tanks will be connected to all commercial and residential bathrooms and communal gardens.

All these elements contribute to a high NatHERS rating, and yet Milieu has gone the extra mile. The landscaped rooftop garden has a bonus effect, aside from being a relaxing place to spend time. The variety of plants, including a residents’ vegetable garden, work to capture polluted stormwater runoff and reduce the pockets of heat that can occur in inner-city suburbs like Brunswick.

Set at the core of Brunswick, Breese Street is within walking distance of a train station, trams that run frequently along Sydney Road and the Upfield cycling path which runs straight through to Princes Park and Melbourne Zoo. Each apartment also comes with at least one car space and two bike spaces.


With all of these elements combined, Breese Street will set a benchmark for sustainable living in the inner-north.

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