Cliff Ho, co-founder of The Commons, shares his journey to finding the perfect home at Seafarers

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1 year ago
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Co-founder of The Commons, Cliff Ho, will soon be taking up residence at Seafarers together with his wife and 10-month-old baby. We spoke to Cliff about his journey to finding a home that offers everything his growing family needs while supporting this executive lifestyle. 


Cliff and his family usually live between properties in Melbourne and Manila with the latter destination offering heightened day-to-day support including concierge services, on-site amenities and a full-time maid and cleaner. “It sounds excessive, but this was relatively normal over there and supported our lock-up and leave lifestyle needs. We found it difficult to match this in Melbourne until now,” says Cliff. 

When starting their journey to find a more permanent home in Melbourne, Cliff and his wife Martine prioritised finding a similar lifestyle as the one they experienced in Manila. While hotel-style apartment living is more common overseas, it is a rare find in the Australian property market. 

Seafarers, in collaboration with 1 Hotels and Homes, offers residents an unmatched standard in residential amenities to elevate the at-home living experience. Services include 24-hour concierge, room service, private dining, personal shopping, an on-site gym, swimming pool, restaurant and much more; “having everything at your fingertips is really convenient and secure. With Seafarers, the amenities they provide for at-home living can’t be found anywhere else in Australia,” says Cliff. 

Cliff continues by explaining how Seafarers is equipped to support his executive lifestyle; “Knowing we travel so much, it’s great having our home maintained while we are away on longer trips. Having our plants watered, pantry restocked, little things like that which you forget or don’t have time for when travelling often.”


Having stayed at 1 Hotels in the US, Cliff comments on his experience and excitement on the collaboration with Seafarers “ Cliff says, “I stayed in the Brooklyn 1 Hotels and was blown away by it. The hotel is the ultimate luxury and has a sustainability element. With the hotel-branded residences, you still get the convenience of your own home but will have access to all the hotel has to offer. That by far was the big drawcard.” 

“It’s more than an apartment, it’s living in a hotel.”

Cliff Ho, co-founder of The Commons and Seafarers resident 

“The location really stood out for us too. Living in the Northbank, you can switch off from the CBD as you are on the waterfront, so it gives that balance of peace and liveliness of the city. We are close to the airport with access to the freeway. Being the co-founder of The Commons, it’s also great knowing I am central to our business locations, with an easy commute to and from work,” Cliff adds. 

When asked what he looks forward to most about living at Seafarers, Cliff says, “It’s the convenience of having everything within such easy reach. I have a sauna and a gym, can order a cocktail by the pool, and have a valet. I think it’s those amenities that really draw it as one notch above anyone else. A true integrated hotel apartment experience.”

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