Design For Everyone Guide

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8 years ago
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A simple-to-use web portal unveiled today by Minister for Sport John Eren will mean architects, designers and project managers are just a click away from making public places more accessible to all Victorians.

Diversity is what makes Victoria great, but it means our sport and recreation facilities and public places need to be able to cater for everyone – no matter their age, gender or ability. Universal Design principals are a key requirement of Sport and Recreation Victoria funding applications.

Universal Design is the concept that puts people at the heart of the design process. It ensures buildings, programs and environments are designed to meet the needs of everyone.

The Design for Everyone Guide is an online resource featuring the Universal Design principles, which will assist builders and planners develop spaces like pools and stadiums that are accessible to everyone.

The practical, easy-to-use resource will provide general and technical information to assist a range of professionals, including landscape architects, civil engineers and building certifiers. The guide is a must-have for anyone wanting to develop public infrastructure that is inclusive, welcoming and universally designed.

Mr Eren encouraged the sector to become champions of Universal Design, so that Victoria becomes a world- leader in best practice.

"We're committed to investing in projects that make a real difference to everyone," said Mr Eren, "that means ensuring our sports areas accessible to all Victorians."

“The Design for Everyone Guide is an easy-to-use resource for anyone wanting to develop public places that improve the lives of everyone – no matter their ability, age, gender or background.”

“The Andrews Labor Government wants sport and recreation to be part of the lives of all Victorians.”

Applicants for funding through the Andrews Labor Government’s $100 million Community Sports Infrastructure Fund will be required to address a Universal Design criteria. The fund is helping clubs update tired grounds and build the facilities they need, and is making sport and recreation a part of the lives of all Victorians.