Developer and builder combination demand soars in Queensland

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2 months ago
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The founder of developer and builder McNab can still remember his first project - from his then young daughter’s bedroom 27 years ago in Toowoomba.

Fast forward to 2023 and Group Managing Director and Founder Michael McNab looks back with pride on how far the South-East Queensland-based company has come - as it fittingly celebrates completion of a 32-storey luxury tower White Main Beach in a blue-chip Gold Coast beachfront suburb. 

The stunning 32-storey luxury tower of White Main Beach.

McNab acted as both developer and builder on the stunning highrise, punctuating its reputation nowadays as a go-to Australian development and construction group - with 500-plus staff and a reputation as solid as the beloved timber it uses in its suite of projects.

It’s that reputation for not just completing projects - as developer and the builder - but doing so to a high “gold” standard that Mr McNab believes is always important in the development and construction sector.

“It's certainly a huge advantage - we know we can deliver. The market is red hot and that’s stretched the building industry right to its limits. We're really focused on building for the best developers in the industry as well as delivering our own projects to the highest standards. We know we can do that.

“If we say we're going to do something, we get it done - and that is a bit of a problem for the development industry at the moment in south-east Queensland.”

It’s that quality and reliability that attracted Gold Coast entertainment and festivals guru Billy Cross to buy into a McNab residential project, saying: “The reputation of McNab builders is quality and that’s what we wanted.”

Step into sophistication at White Main Beach.

McNab’s completion of White - with a three-storey penthouse plus 27 single-floor apartments spanning 325 sqm and a lift shaft privately opening into each owner’s living room - showcases the firm’s credentials as builder and developer. 

Mr McNab says: “There's a lot of developers popping up at the Gold Coast at the moment. But there are less than a handful of builders to be able to deliver proper projects.

“We're a commercial building company but over the last five to 10 years, we've certainly become a significant development business as well.” 

McNab’s expertise covers an impressive range of capabilities with a resume spanning commercial, industrial and residential as well as agriculture-specific projects.

The firm has completed high-end residential through to Queensland-based poultry, piggery and abattoir installations plus large-scale industrial developments including projects equivalent in size to five Suncorp Stadiums.

Mr McNab sees the delivery of end-to-end luxury highrise White Main Beach as a “great advertisement for all our skill sets”. 

The company worked at a personal level with the individual apartment owners on bespoke interiors and designs for each, coordinating collaboration with architects and interior designers. 

White Main Beach features a stunning resort-style pool exclusive to residents.

The move positioned McNab to receive accolades in the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Awards for Excellence, with the project placing top four in Queensland among Apartments High-Rise delivered in 2023. 

Gold Coast real estate agent and White Main Beach owner Nicole Bricknell, no stranger to the local property market, shared “I searched from Burleigh Heads through to Main Beach. I looked at every new development site and all of the different apartments sites that were coming up for sale. 

“When I did my maths on it, White Main Beach was by far the best value for money per square metre from Burleigh Heads to Main Beach.” 

McNab head of investments and property development Carl Nancarrow said the reaction from buyers at the launch event after the project’s four-year journey reinforced the company was taking the right approach: “When we can see the finished product, and in particular, see the purchasers come in and get such wonderful feedback from them how much they love living here. It just makes it all worthwhile.”

White Main Beach reveals stunning sea panoramas.

Mr Nancarrow revealed their next end-to-end project will be at sought-after Budds Beach, a waterfront location with a similar charm and feel to Main Beach. Pre-release registrations for Elements Budd Beach are now being offered with Ray White Project Gold Coast, with sales to the market commencing January next year. 

Mr Nancarrow adds: “We select sites with foresight, envisaging the evolution of both owners and the project location. This way we ensure it best services those who call it home but also adds value to the surrounding community. Site selection and timeless design are at the forefront of vision with all our boutique developments.”

Mr Nancarrow adds the company’s dual capacity as both a proven developer and builder gives confidence to the market: “We can give anyone who wants to buy an apartment off McNab certainty this project is actually going to be delivered.

“We've got the best builder in southeast Queensland ready to go. And as soon as we hit our milestones, we're into construction.”

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