Development ID is changing the way you manage and sell property

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2 years ago
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Development ID is an industry-leading property management platform that lets you easily manage your stock, connect & secure channel sales and showcase your project through the interactive display suite presentation software. 

Jordan Catalano, Managing Director and Co-founder of AD Group explains that “while we initially designed Development ID to be used in the earlier stages of a project’s life cycle, it has since evolved into a sophisticated platform with rapidly expanding potential. Today, it covers the entire project life cycle with a multi-layered approach to project management and marketing - meaning we’re in the game at all times.” 


“Currently, there’s no system like Development ID in the market. The software is unique for both developers and project marketers because it has been built around the nuances of the Australian property market in collaboration with the industry itself,” says Tim Fleming, General Manager of Development ID. 

Development ID not only replaces the tedious spreadsheet, but the cloud-based software system also manages project information, industry stakeholders and secures channel sales in real time. Doubling as a virtual marketplace for agents, Development ID can also connect clients with projects and help sell more properties. This is a true end-to-end solution to support a project through its entire life cycle. 

“Development ID allows us to focus on the important areas of our business - we can put more attention to selling our projects rather than spending time manually updating spreadsheets. Also, not only does this serve as an additional channel to sell our projects on, but we’ve also experienced better reporting which has radically improved our internal processes. Every agent within my department uses the platform every day,” comments Tim Storey, Managing Director Victoria Residential of Colliers.


One particularly notable feature for agents and project marketers is the project presentation software. Named DevSuite, it lets you showcase your project anywhere in the world with the click of a button. 

With the recent announcement of Property Platform’s retirement, if you’re looking for a cloud-based, end-to-end software solution that manages your stock, streamlines processes, connects you with an extensive database and offers state-of-the-art interactive display technologies, enquire about Development ID today.

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