Furniture rental — is it right for you?

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4 years ago
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Furnishing your new house or apartment can often be a very daunting task. 

First, you have to pick out individual pieces of furniture, at different stores, and make sure they all go in with the ‘theme’ you’re going for. Then, unless you opt for a payment plan, cough up a large amount of money all at once to fill your space.

After that, you have the issue of delivery — trying to time multiple pick-ups for the same day and having to stay at home for 12 hours, even though the delivery company said your couch would be arriving between 9am to 12pm.

Often next comes the task of assembling your appliances. Reading poorly explained instructions and screwing in nuts and bolts with your blunt screwdriver.

Then, finally, you can at least say that you’ve done it… until you decide to move and you have to either sell or transport your heavy amenities to your new abode.

However, there is another option: renting your furniture. We take a look at the benefits of finding a company to fit out your entire abode for you.



Paying a large sum of money upfront to buy furniture is not always viable for some people. It’s often a lot less expensive to rent furniture, appliances, and gadgets. 

The cost of a brand new fridge, for example, can range anywhere from around $400 to over $2,000. This Fisher & Paykel refrigerator from the Good Guys, is $2099 — remember, this is just for one appliance. 

Instead, you can pay a weekly rate to hire enough amenities to fill your entire house.

A 3 bedroom package from Click On Rentals is only $224 (inc GST) per week and includes a fridge, microwave, washing machine, dryer, 50’ LED TV, and more.



As more and more people choose to rent, the shelf life of our furniture increasingly varies. A couch may look perfect in your old 1 bedroom apartment, but looks small and out of place in your new 3 bedroom home.

Rental companies often give customers the option of how long they want to lease their furniture for, whether that’s weeks, months or years, and adjust their price accordingly. 

Direct Appliance Rentals also offers a 12-month option which allows for upgrades to the latest goods. This avoids the inevitable wear and tear your furniture and appliances receive, keeping the house looking up-to-date at all times. 



How many times have you ordered something, told to wait all day for delivery, but it never arrives — forcing you to rearrange it to arrive on another weekday? By renting your furniture, you’ll never have this problem again.

Companies, often as standard, will bring all your furniture to you in one day and place everything exactly where you want it — meaning you can begin enjoying your new place immediately. 

Also, have you ever looked around the shops for hours to find the perfect bedside tables, only to find that the store is out of stock and you have to wait two months for a delivery?

Rental allows you to pick and choose the package you want and have it all arrive perfectly matching that ‘mood’ you wanted to achieve in the bedroom. 

If you really like the furniture at the end of your lease, you can often still keep it. Companies offer the opportunity to purchase the rental goods at the end of the rental period (rent to buy), saving you the hassle of buying something that doesn’t suit you.

Fully-furnished leasing made easier 


If you’re looking to lease a property you own fully furnished, renting furniture might be the way to go. It’s an easy and quick way of filling the space with appliances and furniture, with monthly costs that can be passed on to the tenant.

Once the occupant leaves and you’re looking to get a new tenant in, you can easily freshen up the furniture by renewing your plan, thus making your property more desirable for renters. 

Find out what’s best for you


There are, of course, downsides to renting furniture. The biggest perhaps is the fact that you don’t own what’s in your own home. This means if you break or damage something, it can be complicated to replace.

If you’re worried about the weekly price for rental and you have the time, you can buy all your appliances second hand on websites like Gumtree and Ebay. Price up what you need and see what plan works for you — whether that be buying or renting.

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