How to find the suburb that is right for you

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8 years ago
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Australia is blessed when it comes to choice of living, and with such a wide variety of suburbs it can be hard to distinguish which suburb is right for you.

With many of Australia’s capital cities nestled along coast-lines, bays or rivers, CBDs, and those suburbs wrapped around the inner-city ring, dominate general market interest. But what if you’re choosing between two suburbs, and don’t know where to start?


Suburbs each command a different price point. Living in areas such as South Yarra, Potts Point or Brisbane’s CBD attract strong demand, whilst running a shorter supply; whereas more up and coming areas will give purchasers more flexibility in their budgets.

It is here, that you need to make the right decision for your back pocket. To do this, talk to your agent about similar prices in the area, previous sales, and expected growth.

Whilst the bank may approve you for an amount which is higher than you expected, it is important to understand that just because you’ve been given the nod, it doesn’t mean you can realistically afford it.

Remember to use budget calculators like this one.

Local amenity

Amenity defines location, and whilst price points will vary, you ultimately need to apply these amenities to your checklist. 

Make a list of amenities, and separate them into three categories of importance; must, need and want.

For example, if you list ‘proximity to the beach’ as must, then you can start to eliminate certain suburbs that are perched into the hills.

Whereas, if you highlight ‘nightlife’ as a need, then you can limit your search by removing conservative suburban areas from your map.

Carlton Apartments, Prahran

School zones

Whilst a lot of first home buyers will need not worry about school catchments, many, particularly those who are looking to start a family, or have a young child bordering on school, will priorities this option.

If you were looking in Armadale, Victoria for an apartment, then refer to our suburb profiles where you’ll find a list of amenity, parks, school catchments and entertainment.

Importantly, developments that are in good school zones, will ultimately demand a higher price, and may provide a larger return on your investment.


Whether you use public transport, or your own means to travel to and from work, will likely change your priorities when looking for an area. 

If you drive to work, suburbs such as Brunswick or Bondi, which possess a large public transport network, may not be as large an enticement to someone who relies on it.

Remember, even if you don’t use public transport, when it comes time to sell your apartment, potential buyers may, so don’t limit yourself.

Volaire, West Melbourne


When you’re visiting display suites, make sure that you engage with the surrounding community. This may involve going for a coffee down the main street, or having a picnic in the park. 

You’ll know very quickly whether or not the area is for you. 


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