Increased amenities and residences proposed for Woolloongabba project Silk Lane

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1 year ago
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Plans for a number of additions to Sarazin and Southlake Group’s Silk Lane project have recently been lodged. These changes will comprise additional residences and the inclusion of several new commercial and community uses. 

As the reason for the proposed changes, the application cites “a significant shift in the Woolloongabba area with the introduction of the Woolloongabba Precinct Renewal Strategy in December 2020, the progression of the Brisbane Knowledge Corridor Framework, the announcement of the 2032 Olympic Games and the announcement and commencement of transport infrastructure being Cross River Rail and the Brisbane Metro." 

Ground level of Silk Lane. Image courtesy of Drive Projects. 

According to the application, the project team felt there was an opportunity to increase the height and density of the project in conjunction with improved design and greater outcomes for the community. 

The proposed changes include the introduction of additional lots, an increase in levels in Silk Lane East tower from 20 storeys to 25 storeys, including the introduction of new podium levels and a decrease of nine units, and an increase in Silk Lane West tower from 20 to 32 storeys, with an additional 43 units. 

The proposal also features plans for several new commercial and community uses, including an exciting new STEAMM Gallery and Garden. 

The STEAMM Gallery will be a ground-breaking project that is unique to Queensland. This space is projected to bring science and art together through multi-form exhibitions, installations, and curated experiences across science, technology, engineering, art, maths, and music. It will have an international and national focus. 

The Gallery will be formed in partnership with leading universities, research facilities, museums, artists, and galleries both in Australia and abroad. It is intended to be an embodiment of Brisbane City Council’s vision for a “New World City”. 

"We have included an Australian first STEM + Art and Music (STEAMM) Gallery, modelled on a gallery in Brooklyn USA. Also, we are converting 500 sqm of private courtyard space to a public STEAMM Garden, which will enhance green space and liveability for the entire Gabba community," says Adam Rainbird, Director of Drive Projects, the sales agent for Silk Lane. 

Entry to the STEAMM Gallery at Silk Lane from Stanley Street. Image courtesy of Drive Projects. 

There are also plans for an additional 746 sqm of retail space to be added to Silk Lane. 

According to the project’s developers, Sarazon, 36 businesses were consulted about the revised design. They stated that all were either positive or neutral about the amendments. 

"The future of Gabba is extremely bright, regardless of the Olympics," says Mr Rainbird. "The Cross River Rail will connect the Gabba to the city with one stop which will automatically increase the desirability of living in the area. The future Olympics is just an added bonus. Easy access to transport corridors to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast also add to the appeal". 

With Woolloongabba continuing to develop into one of Brisbane’s most vibrant suburbs, the proposed additions to Silk Lane add an additional level of intrigue to the area. 

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Header image courtesy of Drive Projects.