Industry Insights with Adrian Liaw following his purchase of 49% of Aoyuan Property Group Australia

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11 months ago
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Aoyuan Australia is changing the name of its Australian operations to Novm, a play on the Latin for new. The rebranding follows a partial purchase of the Australian business in August last year by Adrian Liaw, Head of the Australian branch of the company and now CEO and Executive Director of Novm.

With a new name and fresh start, Novm is poised to become a leading player in the Australian property market.

We interviewed Adrian Liaw to discuss his purchase of 49% of the company, the current state of the business, and his insights into the Australian property market.

Adrian Liaw, CEO and Executive Director of Novm. Image courtesy of Novm.

Following the rebranding, Mr Liaw assures that all current practices, in terms of project management, remain unchanged.

“It will be business as usual at Novm, continuing with current active projects including Ashbourne Moss Vale, The Lennox Parramatta, Woolooware Bay Stage 4, Altessa 888 Gordon, and Adela Burwood,” he said.

“Sales have been performing well over the last couple of months. We’re seeing great momentum across our projects in Burwood, Gordon, and Parramatta.”

The now complete Lennox Parramatta is one of Novm’s current active projects. Image courtesy of Novm.

Having done extensive research on the market, engaging with local communities, and designing projects to work within their local areas, Novm has seen great success within their projects’ local markets.

“We have had great success across several projects, including One30 Hyde Park, Esplanade Norwest, and most recently, the first stage of Ashbourne Moss Vale,” Mr Liaw said.

“They are all very different, with One30 being an ultra-premium apartment tower in the Sydney CBD which achieved record pricing at the time of launch, to Esplanade Norwest, which had a live, work, play philosophy, and settled during COVID lock-downs with minimal fall overs. For Ashbourne, we had a VIP online launch and public launch in 2021 and achieved sellouts on both days.”

Following this continued success, Mr Liaw and the team are looking ahead, saying, “There are a few opportunities in the pipeline which will be announced in due course. At the moment, the focus remains on New South Wales. However, we are still keeping our eyes on other states should any suitable opportunities arise.”

The Lennox Parramatta presents elevated riverside apartments in Sydney. Image courtesy of Novm.

Having 25 years of experience in the property industry, Mr Liaw spoke on the Australian property market.

“I believe the market is now showing signs of recovery after being impacted by the pandemic, rising labour, and material cost,” he said. “This recovery will only strengthen in 2024, and the outlook for the next few years is good, stable growth year on year.

“It is, however, important to note that the hay days of 2015 to 2018 are unlikely to be repeated during this phase which should be viewed as a positive and maturing market opting for stability.”

The Lennox Parramatta offers a truly unique and memorable living experience. Image courtesy of Novm.

Aoyuan Australia’s rebranding is part of a larger re-structure following the sale, which involved the operations and administration for the Australian business and all projects in Aoyuan International’s current Australian portfolio.

Diversification into other property sectors will be a key focus for Novm this year and beyond. The business has previously focused on multi-unit residential developments under the Aoyuan International brand.

“We’re excited to be rebranding and entering into a new phase of growth,” said Mr Liaw. “Novm represents the beginning of a new era, and we’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

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Header image courtesy of Novm.