Local owner occupiers couldn’t be happier with Vicinity Point

Market Insights
5 years ago
3 minutes

Buying off the plan is easy — just ask Tanvi Bhatnagar and Sardeep Signhu Pannu. The local married couple has just purchased their first home in Wolli Creek and they couldn’t be happier with their decision.

“Being first-time buyers we wanted to be sure we covered all our doubts and got the best value for our money. It was an emotional purchase for us, too, as it is our first home together. We are very excited about it,” Tanvi says.

The two talked to family and friends and researched the market thoroughly before they decided to make a deposit on the two bedroom, two bathroom luxury apartment within a residential project in Wolli Creek.

Tanvi and her husband looked into other property on offer in Wolli Creek, and in the surrounding suburbs but Vicinity Point was one of the first ones they inspected.


Image: Sardeep Signhu Pannu and Tanvi Bhatnagar at Vicinity Point Display Suite

“Somehow, the location and the size of the floorplan always stayed in our minds — even when we visited other apartment blocks,” Tanvi says. “I’m not fond of high-rise buildings, so the fact that Vicinity Point only has seven floors in each block seemed perfect to me.”

The couple also visited the St Trinity Property Group’s other project, Alta in Miranda, which is now fully constructed to see the quality of the finished product. “We were buying off the plan, so we didn’t know for certain what we were buying and I must say, we were very satisfied with the quality of the work at Alta.”

Will Wehbe, St Trinity Property Group’s Director of Sales, says the low-rise aspect of Vicinity Point combined with the generous proportions within the apartments, has been particularly attractive to purchasers.

“The majority of our purchasers are owner-occupiers, so our extra spacious two and three bedroom apartments have been a big drawcard,” Will says. “The large floorplans allow that extra level of comfort, space and storage. As Sydneysiders, we can all appreciate how space is a luxurious commodity and for many families, it’s an absolute priority.”

“Other projects in the area feature two bedroom apartments with 70 sqm of space, for the same price as ours, but with us, you get 86 sqm. That’s quite a significant difference,” he says.

Thanks to its proximity to the Cooks River, Discovery Point and Cahill Park, Vicinity Point is proving popular with young families and those who appreciate connecting with nature. Located in Wolli Creek, the project places residents just 10km from the Sydney CBD and 3km from the Sydney airport. The Wolli Creek Village is just 200 metres down the road and only 500 metres to Wolli Creek Train Station. 

“We are really looking forward to spending our weekends in the parks nearby and by the river,” Tanvi says. “I’m most looking forward to having a place that I can call my own. I’ve got all the plans in place and we cannot wait to move in.”