Magnitude-5.9 earthquake shakes Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide and Launceston

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2 years ago
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Reports of property damage are emerging in Victoria after a magnitude-5.9 earthquake was felt across Australia’s south-east yesterday. 

Geoscience Australia confirmed the earthquake was detected around the Mansfield area at around 9:15 am on Wednesday 22 September with the effects being felt 190km away.

Residential apartments were evacuated in inner Melbourne as a precautionary measure - including those at the city’s highest residences, the towering Australia 108 on Southbank Boulevard. The building has not suffered any damages despite its soaring height and residents were informed shortly after that it was safe to return to their homes. 

Andrew Leoncelli, Managing Director of CBRE Residential Project Marketing comments, “this is proof that Australia 108 is a true feat of engineering genius. Despite the structure’s incredible height, it was designed to manage the magnitude of an earthquake and prioritise the safety of all its residents. We witnessed the effects of the careful design and quality of the build today. During the earthquake, the structure embraced the situation and swayed gently - as it is designed to - and performed exactly as expected.”

“All residents at Australia 108 are completely safe and we have had no reports of injuries,” adds Andrew.

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