Mirvac Looking at Werribee

Market Insights
9 years ago
1 minutes

Mirvac are seeking to expand their territory as it is being reported that they are extremely interested Melbourne's largest infill residential development. 

Sitting in East Werribee, what was formerly the State Research Farm, is now being sold off for a development to take its place - at 400 hectares, it is no wonder Mirvac want to secure the site.

As cited by the Australian Financial Review the site, over the next 20 years, could house more than 17,000 residents and provide tens and tens of thousands of jobs.

"East Werribee will be developed in a world class mixed use and employment precinct, supporting 58,000 jobs and the development of 7000 homes. Over the next 30 years it will become home to leading medical, research, technology and education providers, while work has already has already started on the delivery of first class infrastructure," said Metropolitan Planning Authority CEO Peter Seamer.


The land lot was put together by the Victorian government body responsible for urban development, Metropolitan Planning Authority.