New Medium Density Housing guide from NSW Government

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7 years ago
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The New South Wales Government this week released a new draft code aimed at an increase in medium density housing in existing suburbs. This includes small boutique apartment buildings, townhouses, multiple occupancy and manor homes (small, low-rise residential buildings of three or four homes).

They see this ‘missing middle’ as a key focus area in order to offer a quality and quantity of homes to meet the increased demand across NSW.


According to the NSW Government’s site, medium density housing has many benefits. Firstly, affordability – more homes on less land equals a reduction on cost. Secondly, greater sustainability thanks to a reduction in materials required.It aims to “improve the design of medium density housing with standards addressing key considerations, including layout, landscaping, private open space, light, natural ventilation and privacy.” 

Says Rob Stokes, Minister for Planning, “There was strong support for the development of a guide to promote better design outcomes for medium density housing. We have acted on that feedback, taking on board the comments from councils, the community and industry.”The draft code defines the development standards that future proposed medium density housing has to meet in order to gain approval. The aim is to enable a greater number of homes to be built whilst maintaining quality thanks to new minimum standard benchmarks.


One key outcome of the draft code and guidelines is to make approvals for medium density housing far faster and easier than it currently is. This should result in more homes hitting the market and an increase in choice and affordability.

Whilst the focus is on established suburbs, the proposed code and guidelines will also apply to new greenfield developments across the state.NSW Government is currently seeking public feedback on their draft Medium Density Housing Code and draft Medium Density Design Guide.

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source: NSW Government