OSK Property to unveil Troy Emery's art at Melbourne Square

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1 month ago
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OSK Property, eminent Malaysian developer behind the $2.8 billion Melbourne Square project, recently declared local, award-winning artist Troy Emery as winner of their arduous art competition. The competition’s aim was to unearth the perfect visionary to design a large-scale, strikingly visual sculptural artwork in the city.

The art piece, intended to connect Melbourne Square to its neighbouring arts precinct, will surely become a city landmark with its 18m x 15m design. The position of the installation points to Melbourne Square’s strategic placement, easily visible from the Westgate Freeway and southeast locale.

Global art firm UAP (Urban Art Projects) played a significant role in the competition process, defining a detailed Curatorial Vision entitled 'Together, in Nature'. UAP then spearheaded the selection process, choosing eight of Melbourne's finest artists to compete for the grand opportunity to alter the city’s skyline with their visionary concepts.

The winning design, Emery’s ‘Guardian Lion’, was selected due to its vibrant colours, connection to site context and its reflection of Melbourne's expansive repertoire of public artworks. This artwork will serve as a merry reflection of Melbourne’s dynamic, creative community.

Emery's work largely explores human interactions with nature, and his latest design resonates with the project's 'Together, in Nature' ethos.  


“I want Guardian Lion to make people happy, to give people a sense of companionship as they travel through the area, like a friendly neighbourhood cat that greets passers-by. Guardian Lion is a surrogate pet for the neighbourhood and for the city,” Emery stated. 

Emery further expressed how pivotal his sculpture would be as a gateway to the creative precinct, noting its proximity to cultural landmarks. 

“This is such an incredible opportunity to contribute to the cityscape of Melbourne with a large-scale public artwork, and I’m excited to have my work join a library of so many great artworks around the city,” said Emery, expressing his excitement to begin working on the large-scale public artwork.

His 'Guardian Lion' design is set to be a beacon of colour and vibrancy against the more subdued cityscape colours. The design also pays homage to the magical qualities of life on earth, he added.

OSK Property Australia’s CEO, Chong Boon Woon, excitedly declared that the installation of 'Guardian Lion' would create a visual link between Melbourne Square and its neighbouring arts precinct, transforming spaces and communities. 

“We are deeply inspired by the power of public art to transform spaces and communities. Our decision to commission 'Guardian Lion' for Melbourne Square is underpinned by our desire to contribute a long-lasting and meaningful piece to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Southbank,” Chong Boon said.

The installation of 'Guardian Lion', set to be an impressive 15.4m (h) x 18.7m (w) x 0.3m (d), will be a point of intrigue and joy for all residents, community members and visitors alike.

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