Should you buy in Queensland?

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3 weeks ago
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As many people across NSW and VIC have realised over the last few months, QLD offers the ultimate lifestyle upgrade. Thanks to the sub-tropical climate, the state's natural splendours and Brisbane serving as a more affordable option compared to other capital cities, the sunny state is currently witnessing a spike in interstate migration. 

Here are a few reasons why both owner-occupiers and investors from across the nation are looking to QLD for lifestyle and investment opportunities like no other. 


Bask in the sunshine 

Esplanade apartments feature open-plan living spaces oriented towards the coastline.

The rising adoption of a permanent work-from-home culture means more and more people are now free to live where they want; they can now make a lifestyle upgrade without affecting their career. 

It’s more than just eliminating the daily commute times. This uptake in work-from-home means people can work from anywhere. Which begs the question, why not bask in the sunshine while you get your work done? 


Sound investment opportunities

Each apartment at La Mer sprawls across 307m² and boasts stunning ocean views.

According to PIPA surveys, more than 58% of investors feel QLD offers the best property prospects - which is a 61% increase from last year. The research also found that the main reasons for moving interstate were improved lifestyle factors, permanently working-from-home in the future and affordability. 

Peter Koulizos, chairman of PIPA, revealed that the survey shows that the majority of investors believed QLD to be a ‘winner’ for property investor activity this year. “A staggering 58% believe that the Sunshine State offers the best property investment prospects over the next year - up from 36% last year,” he said. 


Infrastructure investment

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Following the announcement of the 2032 Olympiad in Brisbane, the state has ramped up its infrastructure investments in the lead up to the international event. The spend not only means a world-class infrastructure is on its way, but it will also create significant job opportunities, improve daily connectivity and increase demand for housing. 

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