Style and sustainability at Alma Village

Market Insights
2 years ago
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Perfectly positioned to make the most of the enviable postcode, Alma Village in Caulfield North offers a guilt-free lifestyle by balancing style and sustainability. 

This KMBV development places sustainability at the forefront with an emphasis on lowering its residents’ environmental footprints - without ever sacrificing design or aesthetics. The result is elegantly styled, immaculately appointed homes that are energy efficient - a win-win for the purchaser and the environment. 


Alma Village residents will enjoy a low-cost household boasting a 6-star NatHERS energy rating. The light-filled, serene and meticulously crafted interiors by Sora Interior Architecture & Design cleverly integrates a host of features that can reduce residents’ monthly bills by up to 30%. 

The impressive list of sustainable features starts with double glazed windows throughout - providing optimal thermal regulation and acoustic insulation. This keeps the Alma Village homes at a comfortable ambient temperature without heavy reliance on heating or air conditioning. Natural cross ventilation and premium insulation ensure the homes are cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter - again reducing residents’ need for artificial temperature controls. 

A host of energy-efficient appliances (including Miele and Fisher & Paykel), LED lighting and water-efficient tapware further reduces the homes’ environmental impact. Every feature seamlessly comes together to reduce the overall power consumption - allowing residents to enjoy low impact living without having to change their daily habits. 

In addition to the sustainability elements integrated throughout Alma Village, the development team is also offering a host of guarantees for added peace of mind. These include an impressive 50 weeks builder’s defect liability period - as compared to the industry standard period of only 12 weeks. There is also a six-year building guarantee as well as the option to upgrade to a five-year warranty on all appliances. The facade materials have also been approved by Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) for added safety. 


Nature lovers will enjoy the added benefit of the John Patrick landscaping surrounding the development. “These outdoor spaces foster a sense of connection and rejuvenation. Lush and generous, they draw residents out of their homes and encourage them to engage with the beauty of the landscape,” John comments. 

Alma Village offers more than simply ‘doing the right thing’ for the environment - these homes facilitate an effortlessly eco-conscious lifestyle for all its residents. For more information on Alma Village, click here.