Sydney Road To Be Revitalised

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8 years ago
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In its current state Sydney Road does not benefit any of its user groups; tram speeds are slow at 7km/h during peak hour, and motorists don’t fair much better with a trip to the city taking over 30 minutes.

Clearways fine and tow cars everyday, further discouraging people from shopping on Sydney Road.

Many people don’t even know that off street parking exists because of poor signage. It’s not much better for pedestrians. Sydney Road’s footpath is one of the narrowest of any shopping district in Melbourne.

During peak hour in Brunswick the footpath is at full capacity, with many pedestrians walking out into dangerous traffic. Businesses on Sydney Road are struggling because they can’t attract enough customers into the store. Many shoppers don’t know about off street parking and fear fines if they use on street parking.

Once they get to their destination shoppers are confronted with loud traffic, air pollution and a dangerous street to cross the road. It’s no surprise Sydney Road has stiff competition from the likes of Northland and Highpoint. If nothing is done a new shopping centre above Bell Street could suck further life out of Sydney Road. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Yarra Trams is planning on introducing disability safe tram stops on Sydney Road. These stops will be a once in a life time opportunity to make Sydney Road a place to linger. Now is the time for the community to come together to make Sydney Road a destination shopping strip. Sydney Road needs to be the type of place that people from around Melbourne come to enjoy. 

Did you know?

• In areas where Sydney Road is the most uninviting, shop vacancies are up to 30%.

• Only 22% Of shoppers on Sydney Road usually arrive by car.

• Clearways destroy local business, making the street loud and uninviting.

• Pedestrian numbers decrease significantly when clearway times start.

• Parking bays on Sydney Road are less than 50% full throughout the day

• Many shoppers avoid Sydney Road because they don’t want to pay for off street parking. 

If these Sydney Road changes occur, it is real estate that will most likely benefit greatly. Apartment developments situated on or near Sydney Road, will benefit from an increase in shops, a decrease in car-traffic, and an increase in rental demand.

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