Bird de la Coeur

Design is about solving problems. It’s got to feel right.

Design is about solving problems. It’s got to feel right. By this we mean it is engaging and inclusive, environmentally and economically sustainable.

It has quality. Good designs are functionally, commercially and aesthetically more efficient, enhance people’s day-to-day lives and have the smallest impact on the environment.

Good design is not just about the aesthetic improvement of our environment, it is as much about improved quality of life, equality of opportunity and economic growth’ CABE United Kingdom.

Good design is not just good looks. It is what it does; about new relationships between things. It’s benefits and value can be its ability to transform how people behave and feel. It is also sustainable: saving energy, limitingemissions, recycling water, and reducing costs. Design is the frontier on which the fastest growing businesses compete.

Bird de la Coeur think design is about both the big choices and the small choices we make everyday. Design is about considered siting, orientation, the compelling idea, incorporating cultural and personal reminders, and supporting great local suppliers.