About CasUrban

CasUrban is a forward-thinking Property Development company which offers unique opportunities to property owners and investors alike. Their point of difference is in their ability to identify development opportunities which offer financial and lifestyle benefits to both the property sellers and the property buyers.

CasUrban forms an integral part of CasCorporation – a multifaceted, privately-owned Property Group with headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Across all Companies under the umbrella, CasCorporation employs over 200 staff and leads the way as one of Melbourne’s most established and regarded integrated Property Groups.

Their team boosts wealth of experience in such areas as Property Development Management, Construction, Building & Interior Design, Town planning, Finance, Sales & Marketing as well as Property Investment Services.

Being a part of an integrated Property Group allows CasUrban to remain competitive, efficient and innovative, staying ahead of the game at all times. Apart from their sound internal knowledge-base, CasUrban utilises its trusted extensive network of industry-leading consultants to gain valuable information and advice which ensures their projects are set for uncompromised success from origination to completion.

They are passionate about helping people realise their financial goals and build wealth through investing and

developing with CasUrban. Their focus is on identifying property opportunities that offer both financial and lifestyle rewards to everyone involved in the journey.

Their biggest reward is being your trusted partner when it comes to property investments, whether that be selling to realise and maximise your gains or buying to take advantage of future capital growth and lucrative returns.

Completed Projects

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