Descon Group

Our end-to-end solutions are reliable because our in-house construction services are integrated, our trusted partners are aligned with our methodology and proprietary systems, and our people are highly experienced industry experts.

Our clients and projects benefit from the expertise of three specialised divisions of Adcon: Adcon Engineering has decades of global experience managing the group’s commercial, residential and civil engineering requirements; Adcon Infrastructure delivers large-scale civil projects from stations and bridges to water treatment plants and tunnels; Adcon Structures understands programme, site requirements and construction methodologies to deliver the most complex jobs in a timely manner.

We can form budgets and control costs through the design and procurement processes and the construction phases. We can engage contractors or construction managers early to better manage preliminaries, profit and overheads. And we offer construction programming and planning services to help our clients understand how long a project will take to build and how to get there.

We always engage with consultants, subcontractors and suppliers with a long-term view of delivering end to end solutions for the property and construction market. We can build systems that integrate with your current business process, designed to fulfil manufacturing (in part or whole), billing, website design, training or content management with an affordable and simple turnkey solution that allows business activities to commence in the newly built structure.

We can define how the parties involved in your project are related to each other contractually and adapt their roles and responsibilities to meet the project’s objectives throughout its progress. By contracting with only one entity, the payment process is simplified and the designer and contractor can work together coherently and shorten the overall project schedule.

Value Management is proven to deliver better outcomes by optimising the use of finite resources, introducing more science and less art into decision making, and helping people to understand value for money so they feel empowered and their choices become easier. We help people to seek better results and better outcomes in their transactions.