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Clare Cummins

Project Sales

Phone: 0451 011 195


Location: 7 Campbell Crescent, Terrigal NSW 2260

Website: DiJones Developments

Specialising in the sales and marketing of off-plan residential developments, the team at DiJones are committed to delivering an exceptional result for our clients every time.

We understand that unlike any other real estate transaction, project selling and exchanging ‘off the plan’ to achieve project finance benchmarks and project success, demands robust administration, engaging marketing, and carefully crafted buyer journeys that speaks to both the emotional and logical buyers.

With this knowledge our team of professional marketing agents, trained negotiators, display suite hosts and robust administrators have ensured all our projects to date have sold out successfully.

Insights into what buyers want and what they are prepared to pay more for

Sold out developments don't just happen. It takes skill and knowledge to create a product that buyers are excited about. At DiJones Developments we know our buyers, we know what they are looking for in a property and what they are prepared to pay more for.

Sharing these insights across geography, development styles, price brackets and investor types at the development planning stage has helped contribute to our sell out sales success.

High impact results focused marketing campaigns

Of course we offer fantastic high quality end to end marketing campaigns for all our clients, but it is our centralised DiJones database that gives us a unique insight into our buyers and enables us to promote and market our projects to a highly engaged and motivated buyer group.

We know where your buyers are and how to reach them. We know how to position your property and work with the buyers to close the sale.

Our high performing team

Our sell out sales success can be attributed to the impressive qualifications, experience and expertise of our senior directors, sales agents, marketing managers and administrative support. Their broad knowledge and detailed understanding of residential real estate in NSW and how best to position a project makes us the ideal partner to sell your development.

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