Freespace Design

Architecture- the art and science of designing buildings and other structures. Freespace Design's architectural focus

involves more than just designing a structure, but a strategy that begins with the client's inner vision of the

completed project; clarifies it, defines it, condenses it and gives it substance and form.


Our primary focus for any project:

     * Suitability- ensuring that the design satisfies all functional requirements of the brief

    * Value for money- ensuring the design offers true value for money in terms of capital and operational costs

    * Timing- ensuring the project is completed in accordance with the agreed program

    * Design- ensuring that the design is functional, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing with minimal lifecycle costs

    * Environmental consideration- aspect, topography, materials, locally built forms, energy efficiency and recycling.

These words are not merely a catch-phrase, but the backbone of our architectural design principles and ideas.


     * Determine and focus on what is really important in any situation

    * Collaborate for the benefit of everyone

    * Build relationships

    * Take personal responsibility for making success happen 

    * Expect more of yourself in everything you do


    * Integrity

    * Respect for others

    * Technical excellence

    * Continual development of all staff

    * Commitment to our profession

Completed Projects

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