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About Luigi Rosselli Architects

Based in Sydney, Australia, Luigi Rosselli Architects take a humanist approach to architecture and design; not eager to win awards, but to instil good design and humane architecture that develops affinities, and create sympathetic buildings that flow and appeal.

Working from a purpose built studio named ‘The Beehive’, which was realised in collaboration with Raffaello Rosselli’s RdotR studio and reflects the sustainability principles held by the practice in its design and construction, the team works under the guidance of Architect, Luigi Rosselli, who has more than three decades of international experience covering Milano, Switzerland, New York and Sydney.

Renowned for their houses, residential architecture, adaptive re-use and heritage designs, the studio has worked on a very wide range of projects: from offices to factories, from libraries to wineries, from childcare to chapels.

Luigi Rosselli Architects is a carbon neutral practice applying sustainable building practices, as demonstrated by their expertise in rammed earth, air-conditioning-free spaces and energy efficiency.

The humanist and environmental principles apparent in their projects have attracted a variety of clients, from the top achievers of Australian society to the penniless artist, with a variety of locations and briefs, resulting in a continual renewal of design solutions.

Welcome to this showcase of their projects and please check back regularly as it will get better and better.

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