SJB Architecture

We create spaces people love. SJB is passionate about the possibilities of architecture, interiors, urban design.

Making buildings is a big responsibility. Architecture is the built expression of the values and ambitions of a society. Buildings and cities greatly affect the lives of those who inhabit them.

Good architecture fulfils functional necessities but also expresses place, community and the era in which it is built.

Cities are about connections and networks. The buildings we design consolidate and enhance the urban fabric. They activate places, and bring delight and even at times surprise to users.

Housing is a significant constituent of every city. The design of thoughtfully crafted, higher-density living solutions is a worthy and joyful endeavour that we believeto be at the forefront of our work as architects.

We practise in Australia. For over 30 years we have challenged stale preconceptions about how to improve, expand and intensify people’s civic and private lives through built form.

Our architecture contributes to the creation of better places and cities. Our architecture helps to sustain a strong economy and ensure a robust and resilient future.

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