SPG Land

The Artisan in International Real Estate

As a founder and entrepreneur, you need imagination and intuition to develop a corporate vision that drives the business forward, and the determination to shape it into a reality.

Over 20 years ago, the Starwaly Properties Group Ltd. was established in Australia and in 2006 we achieved the milestone of a listing on the mainboard of Hong Kong Stock Exchange as SPG Land Holding Limited. Today we have a presence in premium residential, hospitality and infrastructure across Australia, China, Japan and South-East Asia. And our ambition is greater still.

Over the years both the company and its people have never stayed still and continued to evolve. SPG Invest is now pioneering a new business approach that integrates the skills and resources needed to create and sustain smart cities and innovation districts, the lifeblood of cities of the future.

SPG Invest knows what living is like today and what cities want to be tomorrow. An international perspective, the spirit of innovation, great partnerships and a deep belief in the value of human capital will continue to help us become a true Platform of Creators. Committed to our goal of Local Innovation. Global Transformation.

Developments by SPG Land

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