TWT Property Group


At TWT Property Group we see ourselves not just as developers, but as curators of community. We have a passion for ensuring that people live well.

We see our buildings as more than structures of steel and glass. We want people to live and experience art everyday – in ways big and small. In our buildings, in our architecture, and within our precincts, we always bring artistic expression and tangible artistic components to our work.

You’ll see it in the foyers, in the design, in street art and in the culture we foster. You’ll feel it in the environment, the way you experience living in our buildings, and the sense of community spirit that it instills.

We want everyone to be a part of something more, something better – where residents, artists and visitors to our communities can prosper and grow. Our buildings and the spaces that surround them are living works of art.

Our approach and high quality standard is what differentiates TWT Property Group from other developers, and secures our reputation as a leading Australian property development company.